"I try and stay away from the internet! Stupidly, when we first started I looked up something on the internet and it was bad. So I’ve taken a step back. If there’s anything people are or aren’t happy with, you kind of end up finding out about it some way anyways."

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No, not surfing I can’t swim!

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Selena arriving at her hotel in NYC (July 10)

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make me choose -  asked Anne Boleyn or Kathryn Howard?

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"All I’ve ever needed is myself."

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I’m a Harvey fan. I’m a Donna fan.
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suits   i haven't watched this in a while but OTPPPP   
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kristen stewart   love letters to yumi   
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It was unbelievable seeing myself as an action figure! In a few months, toddlers all around the country will be biting my head off!

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